The Vineyard

Valea Scheilor is a blessed land placed at the confluence of the historical provinces of Muntenia and Ardeal, in one of the most prestigious Romanian wine regions – Dealu Mare, which shares its coordinates with the best vineyards of Europe. Its original name was probably Siliste, which means either village, orchard or pasture and sends one’s thoughts to the more generous notion of home.

The toponyms: The Almonds, The Almonds Hill, The Garden with Almonds, The Alley of Almonds, The Almonds Vineyard come from the history of this place caressed by a mild climate that allowed the growing of a less popular tree in the generous and idyllic land of fairytales and exotic aromas.

The myths, as well as the names of remarkable people are deeply rooted in this earth and are still alive in the collective memory. The Cross of Lady Neaga that stands at the border of the realm testifies for the Christian spirit, the dignity and the hope that her historical figure embodied, giving life to these values and enriching the popular epos alongside the famous legends of Manole the Master Mason and Miorita.

The ruins of the Eminescu –Persu mansion recall the figures of Ecaterina Eminescu – niece of our world-renown poet Mihai Eminescu and of her husband – Alexandru Persu – prestigious engineer and former mayor of Tohani. The wine produced from the grapes grown on their domain was highly appreciated in the era for its exceptional quality.

Nowadays, under the gentle caress of the sun, in the inebriating scent of the almonds, we are growing organically in this cradle of traditions and love for the nature grapes that promise a high quality wine, ready to accompany you in a travel of senses and emotions worthy of this legendary space.

Podgoria La Migdali