Terms and conditions



  1. Website and company description

1.1. The Website www.lamigdali.ro (hereinafter referred to as the “website”) is the property of the company DOMENIILE LA MIGDALI SRL (hereinafter referred to as the “LA MIGDALI”), based in the Village Valea Scheilor, no. 83, Building C7, Commune Calugareni, Prahova County, registered at the Trade Register Office under no. J29/657/2017, Unique Code of Registration 37313180.

1.2. The Website can be freely accessed by anyone aged over 18 years who is interested in the products offered by LA MIGDALI on the Romanian territory, as identified within the section “Our wines” (in Romanian: Vinurile noastre”).

1.3. The Website is a tool for the presentation of the products offered by LA MIGDALI, and by accessing it the visitors are not allowed to place orders online (online purchases).

1.4. The visitors are those persons who access the website in order to view the information contained therein.

1.5. For any other services that may be implemented in time through the website the same conditions stipulated herein will be available, save as where the new services entail distinct conditions of use.

1.6. LA MIGDALI shall not undertake responsibility for potential display errors occurred on the website, nor for graphic elements displayed on the website that prove to be erroneous or can not be viewed, and shall not undertake responsibility with regard to the proper functioning of the external content sources to which reference is made in the materials presented on the website, since it is not involved in any way in the management thereof.

  1. Content of the website

2.1. LA MIGDALI defines through “content” all information displayed on the website in the form of a text, data, software, audio or video files, static or moving images.

2.2. Accessing the information presented in the website sections, “The story” (in Romanian: “Povestea”), “Our wines” (in Romanian: “Vinurile noastre”), “The vineyard” (in Romanian: “Podgoria”) and “Contact” do not create contractual obligations.

2.3. The content of the website can not be taken over, broadcasted, sold or resold unless written consent of the company LA MIGDALI has been obtained. In order to be published, the content sent by the website visitors shall fall under the same ownership rights restrictions.

2.4. LA MIGDALI reserves the right to display products at the section “Our wines” exclusively for presentation purposes, without the obligation to be consistent to the products sold in stores.

2.5. The prices of the presented products will not be displayed on the website.

2.6. LA MIGDALI reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time without the preliminary consent of visitors and without having to preliminarily notify them.

2.7. LA MIGDALI shall not undertake responsibility for the suspension or interruption of the website functioning.

  1. The Intellectual Property Rights

3.1. The entire content of the website is the exclusive property of the company LA MIGDALI and the copyright on published texts fully pertains to it.

3.2. The communications of any information or data in the form of message, text, image, audio and/or video file or any other type of material, regardless of the method of transmission thereof (public or individual), by any natural person or legal entity, other than LA MIGDALI, are made under the exclusive responsibility of the person who is the source of these, LA MIGDALI not being responsible in any way whatsoever for the content or method of publication of these communications.

3.3. LA MIGDALI uses registered trademarks of LA MIGDALI, as owner.

3.4. Use or imitation of registered trademarks by any visitor or of the website in default of the preliminary authorisation of the company LA MIGDALI, despite indicating the real origin of the products or if indications such as “sort, type, imitation” and other alike are added thereto, is strictly forbidden.

3.5. It is strictly forbidden for the visitors of this website to use the website and the products offered therethrough for the purpose of uploading, publishing or transmitting any information the content of which is illegal or contrary to morality and public order (for example: is defamatory, offensive, abusive, vulgar, affects the right to privacy of other persons, incites violence or racial, ethnic hatred or has an intimidating nature).

3.6. LA MIGDALI reserves the right to change or supplement new rules and restrictions regarding the content of the website at any time.

3.7. The website may contain links to other websites owned or operated by other parties than LA MIGDALI. Such links are provided for you to use upon your discretion. LA MIGDALI does not control and is not responsible for the content and data processing, confidentiality or security and functionality conditions related to these websites.

  1. Accessing the website

4.1. In case of noncompliance by the visitors of the legal use of this website, LA MIGDALI shall not undertake responsibility of the consequences that may arise.

4.2. In case the information provided through the Contact Form are not consistent to reality, are inaccurate or incomplete, LA MIGDALI reserves the right to refuse all current or future attempts to use the services of the website.

4.3. The use of the website by the visitors is one their exclusive responsibility.

4.4. Any remark in relation to the violation of the rules for the use of the website may be raised through a written message sent by using the section “Contact”.

4.5. LA MIGDALI will provide a reply, when the case, within maximum 30 business days. If the message is not received due to a technical failure, the visitor is invited to return with a new message having the same content.

  1. Limitation of the right to access the website

5.1. LA MIGDALI reserves the right to limit the access of any visitor to the website (for example, but not limited to, in case it acknowledges the violation by the visitors of the terms and conditions to use the website, in case of technical or security issues etc).

5.2. LA MIGDALI may also restrict the website’s visitors’ right, if the content of the Contact Form filled out by them is illegal, defamatory, offensive, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, affects the privacy of other person, incites violence or racial, ethnic hatred or is otherwise offensive, intimidating.

  1. Publicity and promotions

6.1. LA MIGDALI may at any time run publicity campaigns and/or promotions in any section on the website. The campaigns and promotions conducted by LA MIGDALI do not require the consent of the website’s visitors. The data processing within the publicity and/or promotions campaigns organised by LA MIGDALI will be carried out according to the rules on data processing inserted in the regulation of each campaign/promotion and may not be extended to purposes other than those on which the data subjects (the participants) have been informed.

  1. Final

7.1. This document shall be supplemented by the Confidentiality Policy and the Cookie Policy, available on the website.

7.2. LA MIGDALI recommends that all visitors carefully read the entire content of these terms and conditions, then raise any type of question with regard to understanding the, using the form in the section “contact”. A reply will be provided within maximum 30 business days.

7.3. Any misunderstanding arising between LA MIGDALI and the visitors of this website will be settled amicably and if this is not possible, the parties will resort to the competent courts of law.