The story

Once, when invited to drink a glass of wine, I was tempted to turn down the offer, since I was not a drinker. Sensing my hesitation, the host, casually said, “Each glass of wine tells a story”. That made me have a second thought, given that I was always willing to listen a story (who isn’t, after all?). And quite a story it was; each time different and most of the times enjoyable, not simply because of the company or the food pairing, but also because of the natural principles that joined the people’s love to create the magic elixir.

I learned to embrace the experience with all senses, appreciating the color (a real display of gemstones, from citrine, to amber and rubies), the aroma (ranging from grass and flowers, to fruits and gormandizes, and it is a chocolate lover who speaks) and finally, the taste, which is always a personal journey. Going deeper, I understood the long way it took wine to fill a glass and I saw all those who contributed to let it happen. I saw the sun, the wind, the raindrops and the rich earth joining to nurture the grapes.

I saw all the enemies the nature can turn these benefactors into: drought, frost, pests and I saw the people fighting them, unknown heroes of everyday life. I saw the loving hands of workers tending the plants, harvesting the crops and turning them into something new, different and more than any of the former, because it had a long story behind. That convinced me that I want to tell my own colorful, perfumed and tasty stories. The opportunity showed up when wandering along the mild hills rich of history from Valea Scheilor.

There was a land, inhabited by people, known or anonyms, who understood the power of the story that the wine can tell. Here I am, joining them in their effort to bring you pleasure and a drop of happiness. Listen to our tales…

Podgoria La Migdali